“Rise Alarm Clock” application for the iphone

Rise Alarm Clock will interest all lovers of design and interface. The application acts as a clock with a nice design and ease of use. Almost everything is managed via taps or scans with fingers on the screen. The user can select the alarm time in minutes. He has access to some additional options, including ringtones. Another point friendly, display remaining before the alarm time. If it is 2 am and the alarm is set to 7:00 am, the application will display 5:00 until awakening.” Handy to know exactly how long we sleep. Integrated by default in iOS Apple solution does not offer this option in particular.

Rise Alarm Clock is for free, just download the Apple Store app (App Store Link - Free - iPhone). Scroll down and select “An app for college” or go to Stores> France and then choose one. Apple will then return to the App Store to get the application for free with a code. Rise Alarm Clock will download in stride. The offer is available until 12 September. A new gift will be offered next month.

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